by Alejandro Ball 

A look into the mezzanine and foyer unconventional space…
Ever imagine of an exhibition space with only a single corner? With streams of light floating through the large glass panelled wall — made with the specific intention of creating an outdoor common, in doors. Yet there’s more; there might be a stairwell which leads to the mezzanine, with in huge gaping physical void, staring right back down to the level below. Take that modernism — the unconventional space has ruined the prestige clear walls of contemplation, with subjectivity.
The implications of these locations original intention and purpose, puts the subjectivity of public space art onto object that might be displayed in these locations. Thus, its difficult to navigate artistically and curatorial. Many consideration have to be taken when planing and exhibition in these areas: how does one maintain a discursive narrative in a place that that is a non-place? How does one protect an artworks without causing an oxymoronic spectacle of display? With the increasing number of non-cultural and non-art institutions commissioning both artists and curators alike, to produce events and exhibition for social engagement purposes, these issue will become more prevalent in the days to come.

SPACE > Alejandro Ball > 21.05.2015