by Alejandro Ball 

A look into the Window Space, i.e., the vitrine...
The idea behind the Limitaction residency arose from the physical perception of the Window Space by the curatorial team, because the space is approximately a 10-meter long, 2.4-meter high, 1.3-meter wide vitrine situated on Whitechapel High Street. Its accessibility is to a minimal point where it can only be entered through the adjacent classroom connected to it. Further any staging area for an event or opening night is a difficult endeavour. However, because of its location, the visibility of the space is maximised, due greatly to the heavily congested Whitechapel High Street.

According to the Oxford English dictionary definition of exhibition, this one is defined as a display situated in an “art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.”[1] In many respects, opposite to this is the Window Space, which is a vitrine in the purest sense. Thus, several questions must be asked of The Window Space — the vitrine — as a site for contemporary art, and what the artwork might initiate the frame to become.

[1] Oxford English Dictionary, definition of exhibition: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/exhibition?searchDictCode=all (Accessed on 04/01/15).  

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